Our Parish

The idea of building a Parish Church in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney started in early 1956.

With the concerted efforts of some 100 families, the construction of the present sacred edifice was completed in early 1962.

Since that year, Church services have been held by a number of priests, with the first priest, Fr Miltiades Chryssavgis being the longest serving (1962-2009). The church has also been served by Dcn Peter Danilchik, Fr Michael Meserskji, Fr Stavros Karvelas and since 2007, Fr Gerasimos Koutsouras.

Beginning with the first Liturgy of 8th April, 1962, the Church was consecrated by Archbishop Ezekiel and dedicated as a War Memorial by the Governor of New South Wales, Sir Eric Woodward, on 25th November, 1962.

Greek Orthodoxy made its entry in Australia, towards the end of the 19th century, and is here to stay, not only for those from traditional Orthodox countries, but for all Australians.

It offers ‘fullness of life’ promised by Our Lord Jesus Christ (John 10:10). The Greek Orthodox Church of St. George, Rose Bay, is one of over one hundred parishes in Australia belonging to the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese in Australia, bearing witness to Christ’s truth in contemporary Australian society.

From its inception, the Greek Orthodox Parish of St. George has considered itself to be an integral part of Australian culture, by responding to many of its requirements, especially the use of English in prayer and worship, the introduction of Orthodox literature in the English language and an awareness of the broader mission of Orthodoxy in Australian Society.

Today, the parish consists of over 800 households and welcomes and embraces all visitors.

“We knew not whether we were in heaven or earth ….
We only know that God dwells there among humans”
remarked Prince Vladimir’s envoys in 987, when they visited Constantinople’s Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Hagia Sophia.

Today, the Greek Orthodox Church offers the same spiritual wonder with its majestic services, use of icons, fragrant incense and Byzantine chant. Its prayer and worship create the appropriate atmosphere, wherein one may be inspired to seek salvation.

The Scriptures, Sacred Tradition, Orthodox Faith and the Sacraments, open the gates of Paradise, so that the faithful may experience ‘Heaven on Earth’.

St George 60 Year Anniversary Key Milestones

  • 17th April 1958 – inaugural General Meeting
  • 15th June 1958 – Church named The Greek Orthodox Church of St Paul
  • 13th August 1958 – Woollahra Council approved the site for the Church
  • 6th August 1960 – name changed to Greek Orthodox War Memorial Church of St George
  • 7th August 1960 – breaking of the ground at the site of the Church and its blessing
  • 23rd April 1961 – foundation stone laid on St George’s day.
  • 23rd February 1962 – Rev Father Miltiades appointed priest to the Parish of St George
  • 7th April 1962 – Church building was finished, first service conducted by Father Miltiades and during this month both the Sunday and Greek schools were opened.
  • 19th September 1965 – Divine Liturgy was televised on Channel 2.