They call him Mr. Pitta, Nicholas Michailidis, the expert in all things flour and dough.                                                                                                                               

From a labour of love that began over 70
years ago, Mr. Pitta always had a simple vision – to make the
best pitta bread his family and friends had ever tasted!

Today, we are 4th generation bakers and one of Australia’s leading pitta bread suppliers. Our family continue to embrace our Papou’s commitment to quality products, service and innovation.

Using a combination of specialised preparation, mixing techniques and machinery, our modern manufacturing plant is capable of producing 10,000 pitta breads per hour. Our national distribution network services deli’s, restaurants, and retail shops with a commitment to using only the freshest local ingredients.

Our tribute to our Papou is to honour his memory using his authentic recipe and techniques so that the tradition is never forgotten.