The Greek Orthodox School of Darwin is the only Greek school in Northern Territory and was established by the Greek Orthodox Community of Northern Australia in 1982 at its present location in Rapid Creek.

Our Greek School operates every Saturday morning from 9am to 1pm and offers classes from Preschool to Grade 6 as well as an Intensive Class.


Classes encompass a variety of delivery methods including structured written and spoken activities, arts and drama, musical expression, and participation in community activities.


Greek School in Darwin began as early as the early 60’s, under the priest’s elevated house with a small number of children and the priest as their teacher. In 1968 the one-class school moved into the newly built Greek hall next to the church, as student numbers started increasing more teachers were appointed and broken into classes.

In 1981 the cyclone damaged former private school on Chapman Road Rapid Creek, was being sold by the Government. The then president Tony Papadonakis purchased it for $1.00. He and his committee renovated the school and cleared the grounds, so that the children had a well set up Saturday Greek School to attend. It was then called the Pan Hellenic Cultural Centre.

The third stage of the school renovations took place in 1986 to 1988 by the then Greek committee under the presidency of Liliane Gomatos.