About Us

We are proudly located in Canberra the capital city of Australia and have been running our Greek School for over 50 years !

The Greek School of Canberra is proudly managed by the Greek Orthodox Community and Church of Canberra and Disctrict Inc.  

Principals Message

Welcome to our Greek School ! We have been teaching the Greek language and culture for over 50 years in the nation’s capital Canberra.

Our aim is to help parents to teach the language and culture to our kids so that we can continue to have a thriving Greek Community and that we don’t lose our important heritage because we live outside of Greece.  We are most welcome of kids from all backgrounds, not just Greek kids.

Learning a language is not just limited to those who speak it at home or part of their heritage, speaking another language is a gift for life and there is plenty of evidence that shows learning another language assists with the healthy development of a child’s brain in areas such as problem-solving and communication.

We encourage all parents to allow their kids to experience this gift. Enrol now in our Greek School to start the benefits of having the Greek language and culture enrich your life and soul. 

– John Loukadellis –

Greek School of Canberra Principal &

President of the Greek Orthodox Community & Church of Canberra & District Inc