You’re still here. Okay then, let me try to explain what Degani coffee means to me. For a second, close your eyes and imagine the taste of that first morning coffee and how it makes you feel. That’s what gets us out of bed each day.

For me it’s the smooth, velvety, coffee hug that comes from a latte, the smell of the coffee, the warmth of the cup and that first taste that warms my soul each day.

For you it may be the jolt that kick starts your day with that first espresso and gets you ready to take on the world!

Your Degani hand crafted, tailor made coffee journey, starts in the plantations of the equatorial region highlands of the world, where the finest grade Arabica beans are grown and harvested.

Our Degani Blend #1 (I really have to find a better name!) has been created with the same delicately balanced selection of high grade specialty coffee beans since we opened our doors in 1999. Roasted with love in Melbourne each week, with the tradition, passion and an artists eye for detail to achieve the chocolate undertones and depth of flavour that our Degani customers crave.

The secret ingredient is added at your local Degani. It’s your baristas knowledge of how you like your coffee, how to adjust the grind to achieve the perfect pour as the weather changes by the hour, how to make the steam quietly sing that sweet song that tells us our coffee is on the way.

But as I said, words can’t do it justice, so I’m off to grab my Degani latte.