Over 20 years ago, our Managing Director was travelling through Greece and found himself on the Island of Lesbos, touring and taking in the sights.                    It was getting on in the day when he spotted a traditional cozy greek tavern next to the water, deciding it looked like a nice place for a break he walked across the pebbled street and took a seat. Looking over the drinks menu at all the different varieties of 100% Distilled Greek Ouzo. He settled on one and ordered a glass.

Drinking his Ouzo and gazing across the water, he was wondering why these beautiful aromatic traditional Ouzo’s weren’t available in his country of Australia. No one had imported a fully 100% distilled ouzo from Plomari made without sugar and from pure aniseed.

The ouzo in Australia just wasn’t the same as it was in Greece. Why doesn’t someone import these products? He asked himself. In a spur of the moment decision he decided he would be the one to make it happen. To be the first to import the finest quality Ouzos in the world from Greece to Australia. After making some enquiries and confirming the desire for the product in Australia with his friends and peers, he formed Crown Imports / Exports Pty Ltd and became the first to import and wholesale across Australia ouzo’s such as Barbayanni, Mitilini, Mini, and Dimino.

In the time since then Crown Imports / Exports has branched out to Cyprus, and mainland Greece, finding many other companies and products with high demand in Australia. Which now includes food, non-alcoholic beverages, as well as alcohol. Expanding our company and working hard to bring the consumers in the Australian market only the highest quality of products we can find. “When only the best will do!”