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2023 GFF Conludes With a Spectacular Closing Night!

The 2023 Greek Film Festival ended on Sunday 29 October following a triumphant ten-day feast of Greek cinema.

An enthusiastic Festival crowd flocked to the Astor Theatre and Palace Balwyn Cinema to enjoy the heart-warming “Two Tickets to Greece.” The movie, starring Kirsten Scott Thomas, was set in the beautiful Aegean scenery and was a fitting conclusion to the 2023 Festival.

The 2023 Festival stands triumphant having sold in excess of 5,500 tickets across 71 screening at the 3 festival locations.

Greek Community Cultural Committee Chair Leonidas Vlahakis stated “Whilst the Greek Film industry is relatively modest, its appeal to not just our community but to cinephiles in general is there for all to see. We take great pride in the Festival and remain dedicated to continuous improvement and promotion of Greek film as a key conduit to exploring Greek culture.”

The 2023 Festival screened 17 features and 7 documentaries across 71 sessions.

Such was the success of the 2023 Festival season that a number of encores presentations have been announced. Presented at Palace Cinemas Como and Balwyn from 2 to 5 November, encores will be screened of: Behind The Haystacks, George Bizos Icon, Gods Painting, Karagiozis the Movie, Iman, Venizelos the struggle for Asia Minor and Window to The Sea.

For more information about the encore sessions, film schedules, and ticket details, please visit: Melbourne Films | Greek Film Festival 2023

The Greek Film Festival was presented in Victoria by the Greek Community of Melbourne playing on the Palace Cinemas group’s screens.


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