For this story we need to go back to the 80’s. I was in my early 20’s and I had a strong passion for Greek music and products. At this time the heart of Greece was Lonsdale Street…not Oakleigh that we all know and love today.
My dream as a young entrepreneur was to own a Greek store which housed ALL THINGS GREEK, from music, sweets and souvenirs, just like the well-established brands at that time which were Caras Music and Salapatas Store. With a strong desire and willingness to learn, I immersed myself every weekend at both stores and was fortunate to be personally mentored by the legend George Salapatas. He shaped my knowledge and skillset which I needed to achieve my vision. The first steps I made into the Greek scene was as a DJ. I did it for 35 years. Through this venture, I gained the following, contacts and support to take my ultimate career leap and open a store.
In 2008, Oakleigh started to transition into the heart of Hellenism and the beginning of my own store, which I named “Oakleigh Music Centre. It had limited products, such as, the latest Greek music and Greek soccer accessories. After 6 years of having great support from locals and suppliers from Greece, I was ready to expand my product range. In 2014, remaining on the same street and store strip, I moved further up into a larger store. This gave me the opportunity to expand from music & soccer to include souvenirs, religious items, and the favourite Greek sweets that we all love.
In 2020, experiencing the global pandemic and ongoing lockdowns, I decided to take a risk. Expanding the food category, I created another brand which I named “Greece Express”. It includes Greek sweets, savoury, frozen products and much more. I love bringing joy to customers faces through making Greek products available the entire community.
In 2021, adapting to the new way of shopping, both stores are now available ONLINE!
2 brands. 1 destination. Making it super easy and accessible for all.
From the bottom of my heart, Thank you to all who have supported me throughout my journey and continue to support.