MIG Collection was founded by Fay Siassios Anagnostopolous in 2014. 

It all began with a visit to a small village named Siatista, perfectly positioned amongst the mountains of Northern Greece, the homeland of Fay’s parents. It didn’t take long for Fay and her family to fall in love with the picturesque village and the vibrant people living there, who made their living by making beautiful fur and leather outwear. Visiting Siatista became an annual ritual for Fay.

Through her travels over the years, Fay saw the impact of the deteriorating Greek economy with high unemployment, poverty and jobless households.
With a background in small business and a passion for style and customer service, Fay decided to import slippers to Australia and set-up Slippers Made in Greece – ‘Slippers MIG’. By creating a new market for these slippers, Fay is helping the people of Siatista in her own way.