Ktena Knitting Mills – the owners and manufacturers of Merino Skins and Thermo Fleece, is Australia’s leading thermal underwear manufacturer. As underwear specialists for over 40 years, we manufacture only warm under-garments and are thus able to concentrate on improving and extending our product range to meet the demands of our customers.

Vertical Structure

All our garments are manufactured “in-house” beginning from the raw yarn to the packaged product. Skilled technicians design our fabrics and individually set the machinery to produce the required sizing and styles. Garment designers, cutters, sewing and packing staff all work within the same premises to ensure that all departments are at close range and can work together efficiently.

We have established strict quality control measures that occur at the highest level before leaving the premises. Our dedicated and qualified staff work together as a team and have been instrumental in the culmination of our respectable reputation as manufacturers of high-quality garments.

Extensive experience

Ktena supplies many businesses throughout Australia and the world our ever-growing markets include North America, South East Asia, China, Great Britain and many EU members in the European Union.

World Standard Clientele

Ktena Knitting Mills has been supplying some of the most renowned and prestigious retailers and distributors for many decades. Repeat orders from both small and mega-firms has enabled us to develop and maintain our reputation as “the thermal underwear experts” who offer quality and service worldwide.