In the heart of Ferntree Gully, Christina, deeply connected to her Greek roots, dreamed of bringing authentic Greek cuisine to the neighborhood. Opening a Greek restaurant called “Break 40,” she aimed to introduce locals to the flavors of Greece.

As the inviting aromas of olive oil and Mediterranean spices drifted from Break 40, curiosity drew in the locals. Christina collaborated with skilled chefs to offer classic Greek dishes like moussaka, souvlaki, and baklava, each embodying the essence of Greece.

Word spread fast about Break 40, becoming a bustling spot where the community embraced the delightful flavors of Greece. Christina’s restaurant, adorned with Mediterranean aesthetics and vibrant Greek music, became a hub for sharing stories of Greece’s landscapes, festivities, and hospitality.

Through Break 40, Christina’s dream of uniting cultures through food blossomed, creating a warm and welcoming space where patrons embarked on a culinary journey to Greece, celebrating the universal language of flavours.